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Welcome to Pav-Kote, Rialto's leading experts in asphalt, concrete, and pavement for over 40 years. Our comprehensive, high quality asphalt and concrete services are always offered at affordable prices for anything from repairs to new construction.

Pav-Kote has the capacity to handle any size project in Rialto and produce stellar results on time and within budget. From shopping malls to theme parks, our sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots continue to endure beautifully, and we offer cost-effective solutions if your concrete or asphalt ever needs repair, upgrade, replacement or resurfacing. We are fully licensed and insured to pave asphalt and concrete roads, parking lots, and more; repair pavement through crack sealing, patch repair and resurfacing; upgrade your property to meet ADA handicap requirements; and offer the full range of support services such as striping, sealcoating, Petromat overlay, and pavement replacement.

From pre-existing to new concrete and asphalt construction projects in Rialto, the team at Pav-Kote is confident that we have the expertise and experience to meet your needs. We even provide emergency pavement repair services. Call today to learn more and to receive a free estimate.

Quality Concrete & Expert Concrete Services, Rialto, CA

Pav-Kote offers expert concrete consultation and construction services at the best prices in Rialto. Concrete is ideal for foundations, block walls, pavement, roads, pools, parking garages and more, due to its long-lasting, strong, easily workable, fire-resistant, and durable properties, and variety of attractive surface finish options. Call today for a free estimate.

Asphalt & Asphalt Repair Specialists Serving Rialto, CA

Like concrete, asphalt has a variety of uses, but because of its flexible nature is more frequently used for pavement. Asphalt pavement is easily maintained and cost-effective, reduces traffic noise, and provides a smooth ride. Whether you have a project in Rialto that requires new asphalt, or your pavement requires repair, the asphalt experts at Pav-Kote have your solution.

We also specialize in repairing cracks, potholes, and other asphalt damage. Whether we are installing new pavement or preventing small problems from becoming big ones, our high quality asphalt repair services and techniques will maximize your investment, extend the life of your pavement, and prevent more expensive repairs or replacement procedures in the future. We offer a number of affordable solutions for a variety of pavement problems in Rialto, such as crack sealing, patch repair, resurfacing or overlay, and trench patching.

Affordable Solutions for All Your Pavement Needs in Rialto, CA

The professionals at Pav-Kote can help you install new pavement with reliable results at the most competitive prices in Rialto. We work closely with our clients to create design plans that reflect their vision and specifications, and closely monitor our construction process so that we use only best practices--from creating the stable base structure to putting on the protective final coat on your pavement.

We also offer additional options to further strengthen and extend the lifetime of your Rialto pavement. Petromat overlays provide a stress-absorbing, moisture barrier for pavement to reduce its deterioration. Layered over the old pavement, this durable geotextile fabric is recommended anytime you plan to resurface or overlay new asphalt or concrete. Sealcoating is another option to use to not only protect your pavement, but also improve its attractiveness. It helps your pavement withstand cracking and water damage so that you can avoid larger, more expensive repairs due to structural damage in the future. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend sealcoating be applied 6 to 12 months after your new pavement is installed, and then every 3 to 4 years after, or as often as necessary.

If your new pavement requires striping or pavement marking, Pav-Kote can provide comprehensive surveys, layout designs, and exacting striping services to comply with the strictest of codes, including ADA regulations. Call today to learn more. We can help improve the appearance of your Rialto facility, improve traffic flow and safety, maximize parking spaces, and more.

Serving the Concrete and Asphalt Needs of Businesses in Rialto, CA

Pav-Kote provides local Rialto businesses with the full range of concrete and asphalt services at cost-competitive rates. We have 40-plus years of experience and are trusted to provide quality workmanship with long-lasting results in a timely manner. Our skilled professionals have the capacity to excel at projects of every size, including new construction, emergency pavement repair service, and ADA-compliant handicap upgrades.

For affordable concrete and asphalt projects that promise to improve the look of your Rialto property and be a lasting investment, call Pav-Kote today. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and always hold customer satisfaction as our first priority. We provide free consultations and estimates.

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