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Petromat Overlays

Blacktop Pavement Overlay

Petromat is a special type of polypropylene material that significantly reduces pavement deterioration. This durable geotextile fabric is layered on top of an old pavement before it is resurfaced or overlaid with new asphalt or concrete. The Petromat then acts as a moisture barrier and stress-absorbing interlayer between the new pavement and the old. This helps prevent damage to the pavement and extend its lifetime. Without such a waterproof seal, rainwater infiltrates the pavement through tiny cracks that inevitably form over time, saturating sub-grade soils and causing damage to the pavement structure.

Our experience and expertise ensures that we perform Petromat overlays correctly and efficiently, with reliable results. For more information about our Petromat overlay services in Orange County, or to schedule a free estimate, call Pav-Kote today.


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